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Lamarre, JM;Puget, JL;Bouchet, F;Ade, PAR;Benoit, A;Bernard, JP;Bock, J;De Bernardis, P;Charra, J;Couchot, F;Delabrouille, J;Efstathiou, G;Giard, M;Guyot, G;Lange, A;Maffei, B;Murphy, A;Pajot, F;Piat, M;Ristorcelli, I;Santos, D;Sudiwala, R;Sygnet, JF;Torre, JP;Yurchenko, V;Yvon, D
The Planck High Frequency Instrument, a third generation CMB experiment, and a full sky submillimeter survey
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The High Frequency Instrument (HFI) of Planck is the most sensitive CMB experiment ever planned. Statistical fluctuations (photon noise) of the CMB itself will be the major limitation to the sensitivity of the CMB channels. Higher frequency channels will measure galactic foregrounds. Together with the Low Frequency Instrument, this will make a unique tool to measure the full sky and to separate the various components of its spectrum. Measurement of the polarization of these various components will give a new picture of the CMB. In addition, HFI will provide the scientific community with new full sky maps of intensity and polarization at six frequencies, with unprecedented angular resolution and sensitivity. This paper describes the logics that prevailed to define the HFI and the performances expected from this instrument. It details several features of the HFI design that has not been published up to now. (C) 2003 Published by Elsevier B.V.
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