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Duignan, N;Farrell, R
VLSI Circuits and Systems II, Pts 1 and 2
A high linearity 14-bit pipelined charge summation ADC
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Presented in this paper is a low power, area efficient pipeline analog-to-digital converter (ADC), utilising a charge summation technique and a switched-capacitor implementation. Utilising switched capacitor, a staircase ramp is produced caused by the switching capacitors and a fixed reference voltage, as opposed to a linear ramp. The advantage of the charge summation technique is the reduction in power usage as the charging time of the capacitors is small so for most of the sample period the circuit is quiescent. The paper presents the use of this architecture as a 14-bit pipelined ADC, which can sample data at a rate of I MSps. The pipeline architecture itself is novel as the typical sub-DAC is not required. The signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of the ADC is improved by using a spatial over-sampling technique, which reduces the thermal noise effect on in the switched capacitor circuit. The effects of opamps finite gain and offset on the linearity of the ramp are reduced by employing a finite gain and offset compensated integrator architecture and through the use of low-resolution pipeline stages. The proposed architecture is a strong candidate for applications demanding high resolution with low power requirements.
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