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Maycock, K;Jyothi, S;Keating, J
WEBIST 2006: Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies
Dynamic profiling to enhance learning and reduce cognitive load on each learner
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This paper proposes extensions to the architecture of any Learning Management System (LMS) that utilizes the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM), to incorporate Multiple Representation Approaches (MRA) and Exploratory Space Control (ESC) features, when interacting with a learner. The learners profile will consist of the traditional student modeling features such as students goals, preferences and knowledge. The profile will also incorporate a Cognitive Trait Model (CTM) to measure the learners cognitive abilities. The LMS provides functionality for dynamic login to reduce the time spent getting to know the learner. If a course is changed to ensure that the course is MRA compliant to suit the cognitive needs of that learner, the transformation that course encored is stored in a Learning Experience Repository (LER) for future reference. In effect, the learners profile becomes the author of educational content throughout the learning experience, ensuring that the content delivered will suit the cognitive ability of each learner to increase the throughput. ESC techniques are used throughout the LMS interaction with the learner once a learning experience has concluded to offer suitable links to other related courses. This paper also discusses various factors that must be taken into account when developing a LMS, for example, teaching styles, different types of students and learning styles. The proposed extensions will enhance the learning experience for individual users.
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