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Humphreys, K;Markham, C;Ward, TE
Opto-Ireland 2005: Imaging and Vision
A CMOS camera-based system for clinical photoplethysmographic applications
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In this work an-image based photoplethysmography (PPG) system is developed and tested against a conventional finger-based system as commonly used in clinical practise. A PPG is essentially an optical instrument consisting of a near infrared (NIR) source and detector that is capable of tracking blood flow changes in body tissue. When used with a number of wavelengths in the NIR band blood oxygenation changes as well as other blood chemical signatures can be ascertained yielding a very useful device in the clinical realm. Conventionally such a device requires direct contact with the tissue under investigation which eliminates the possibility of its use for applications like wound management where the tissue oxygenation measurement could be extremely useful. To circumnavigate this shortcoming we have developed a CMOS camera-based system, which can successfully extract the PPG signal without contact with the tissue under investigation. A comparison of our results with conventional techniques has yielded excellent results.
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