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Hammoudi, K;Dornaika, F;Soheilian, B;Vallet, B;McDonald, J;Paparoditis, N
International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems
A Synergistic Approach for Recovering Occlusion-Free Textured 3D Maps of Urban Facades from Heterogeneous Cartographic Data Regular Paper
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In this paper we present a practical approach for generating an occlusion-free textured 3D map of urban facades by the synergistic use of terrestrial images, 3D point clouds and area-based information. Particularly in dense urban environments, the high presence of urban objects in front of the facades causes significant difficulties for several stages in computational building modeling. Major challenges lie on the one hand in extracting complete 3D facade quadrilateral delimitations and on the other hand in generating occlusion-free facade textures. For these reasons, we describe a straightforward approach for completing and recovering facade geometry and textures by exploiting the data complementarity of terrestrial multi-source imagery and area-based information.
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