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Lanigan, W;Butler, E;Duffy, E;Mc Auley, I;Young, L;Gradziel, M;O'Sullivan, C;Murphy, JA;May, R;Trappe, N
Terahertz and Gigahertz Electronics and Photonics VI
Analysis of millimetre-wave imaging and detection. - art. no. 64720C
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The properties of terahertz (THz) radiation potentially make it ideal for medical imaging but the difficulty of producing laboratory sources and detectors has meant that it is the last unexplored part of the electromagnetic spectrum. In this paper we report on near-field reflection and absorption measurements of biological samples at 0.1 THz as a first step towards developing THz and millimetre-wave imaging schemes. Variation of the absorption and reflection of THz in these samples is investigated as a means of deter-mining information about the sample structure. Operating at 100 GHz with standard detecting devices we illustrate preliminary results in imaging (transmission and reflection) measurements of meat samples using various optical configurations and draw conclusions on the scope of the techniques. Some encouraging provisional results are discussed as well as limitations in "intensity only" measurements due, primarily, to standing waves and a lack of dynamic range. These experiments were performed as part of a Masters thesis. A discussion on a variety of absorbing materials utilized to reduce reflected radiation from surrounding optical components is also given. In addition we report on initial trials in extracting information about an object's size by sparsely measuring points in the equivalent Fourier plane in a simple optical setup, thus avoiding the need for time consuming raster scanning. This technique has many potential applications in detecting and scanning systems. Here the background theory and preliminary results are presented.
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