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Shalaik B.;Winstanley A.
Communications in Computer and Information Science
Delivering real-time bus tracking information on mobile devices
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Android AVL Openlayers OSM Real-time data
The recent technological advances in mobile communication, computing and geo-positioning technologies have made real-time transit vehicle information systems an interesting application area. In this paper we present a transit application system which displays the transit information on an OpenStreetMap (OSM) web interface and delivers this information on the Google Android mobile device. The content is in the form of predicted arrival/departure times for buses at user-selectable geographic locations within a transit region. This application uses the real-time information such as current location and timestamp of both bus and users to provide bus route information. The public interface provides a graphical view which used to display and updates the vehicle locations and to allow users to see routes, stops and moving buses. The mobile device provides the user with the expected arrival/departure time of the next bus at the bus stop based on the user's current position. © 2011 Springer-Verlag.
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