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Wu F.;Palomo-Navarro Á.;Villing R.
2015 26th Irish Signals and Systems Conference, ISSC 2015
FPGA realization of GDFT-FB based channelizers
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filterbank FPGA GDFT oversampled
© 2015 IEEE. Efficient channelization in flexible, reconfigurable communications systems is an ongoing challenge. Our previous work has shown that designs based on the DFT modulated Filter Bank (DFT-FB) and its extension, the Generalized DFT modulated Filter Bank (GDFT-FB) appear to have good computational efficiency and to simplify filter bank design. In this work we examine the design and implementation of the fundamental DFT-FB and GDFT-FB on an FPGA in both critically sampled and oversampled variants. Solutions to various design issues are presented and the FPGA resource usage associated with a concrete example is presented.
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