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De Paoli S.;Kerr A.
Breaking New Ground: Innovation in Games, Play, Practice and Theory - Proceedings of DiGRA 2009
The cheating assemblage in mmorpgs: Toward a sociotechnical description of cheating
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Assemblage theory Cheating MMORPGs Sociotechnical assemblage
This paper theoretically and empirically explores cheating in MMORPGs. This paper conceptualises cheating in MMORPGs as a sociotechnical practice which draws upon a non-linear assemblage of human actors and non-human artefacts, in which the practice of cheating is the result or the outcome of an assemblage. We draw upon the assemblage conceptualizations proposed in [16] and [8] and on empirical data taken from a pilot study we have conducted during the period September-November 2008 and from an ethnography we are conducting in the MMORPG Tibia ( since January 2009. This game in particular was chosen because CipSoft, the company that develops the game, launched an anticheating campaign at the beginning of 2009. © 2009 Authors & Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA).
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