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Carty B.;Lazzarini V.
International Computer Music Conference, ICMC 2010
Hrtfearly & hrtfreverb: Flexible binaural reverberation processing
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A binaural reverberation processor is presented, based on location accurate processing of early reflections and a Feedback Delay Network (FDN) approach to the later diffuse field. Recently developed Head Related Transfer Function (HRTF) dynamic processing algorithms, which have been shown to perform favorably when compared to typically employed methods, are used to allow dynamic direct sources and early reflections. A flexible binaural FDN, which considers interaural coherence, provides an efficient and robust later reverberation model. The overall system is designed to work parametrically, and requires no measured room impulses. This paper introduces the area and gives implementation details of each section of the overall reverberation algorithm from the point of view of recently developed Csound opcodes.
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