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Linehan C.;Roche B.;McLoone S.;Ward T.
Proceedings of CGAMES 2006 - 9th International Conference on Computer Games: Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Systems
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Latency Networked Multiplayer Games Playability
Ongoing research attempts to find engineeringbased solutions to the problem of network latency in multiplayer computer games. However, few studies have been conducted to examine the end-users' experience of latency from a psychological perspective. The current study examines the roles of network latency and game complexity on the subjective experience of participants playing a specially designed computer game. Results suggest that participants prefer complex over simple games, regardless of the level of latency experienced. These findings suggest the possibility of a psychological solution to some of the negative effects of network latency. It is suggested that by manipulating Relational Complexity, it may be possible to maintain a satisfactory gaming experience in the presence of latency.
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