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Tahir M.;Farrell R.
IEEE International Conference on Communications
Optimal utility lifetime and delay-robustness tradeoff in wireless multimedia sensor networks
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A unified framework to achieve optimal network lifetime, utility and delay-robustness tradeoff, for wireless multimedia sensor networks, is proposed. Using delay-robustness gives the flexibility to achieve any desired level of delay QoS provisioning. We have employed sensitivity analysis to define an appropriate objective function for delay-robustness. This is achieved by capturing delay-robustness in the end-to-end delay constraints and penalizing its price in the objective function. For distributed realization of the proposed framework, the optimal tradeoff problem is decomposed into lifetime, utility and delay-robustness subproblems. Performance evaluation results show that compromising network utility can not provide both lifetime and delay-robustness, simultaneously, for all operating points. ©2010 IEEE.
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