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Huang K.;Duffy K.;Malone D.;Leith D.
IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications, PIMRC
Investigating the validity of IEEE 802.11 MAC modeling hypotheses
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As WLANs employing IEEE 802.11 have become pervasive, many analytic models for predicting their performance have been developed in recent years. Due to the complicated nature of the 802.11 MAC operation, approximations must be made to enable tractable mathematical models. In this article, through simulation we investigate the veracity of the approximations shared by many models that have been developed starting with the fundamental hypotheses in Bianchi's seminal papers [1][2]. We find that even for small numbers of station these assumptions that hold true for saturated stations (those that always have a packet to send) and for unsaturated stations with small buffers. However, despite their widespread adoption, we find that the commonly adopted assumptions that are used to incorporate station buffers are not appropriate. This raises questions about the predictive power of models based on these hypotheses. © 2008 IEEE.
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