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Timoney J.;Lazzarini V.;Carty B.;Pekonen J.
126th Audio Engineering Society Convention 2009
Phase and amplitude distortion methods for digital synthesis of classic analogue waveforms
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An essential component of digital emulations of subtractive synthesizer systems are the algorithms used to generate the classic oscillator waveforms of sawtooth, square and triangle waves. Not only should these be perceived to be authentic sonically, but they should also exhibit minimal aliasing distortions and be computationally efficient to implement. This paper examines a set of novel techniques for the production of the classic oscillator waveforms of Analogue subtractive synthesis that are derived from using amplitude or phase distortion of a mono-component input waveform. Expressions for the outputs of these distortion methods are given that allow parameter control to ensure proper bandlimited behavior. Additionally, their implementation is demonstrably efficient. Lastly, the results presented illustrate their equivalence to their original Analogue counterparts.
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