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Campbell G.
2010 August
Gardening - Philosophy for Everyone: Cultivating Wisdom
Epicurus, the Garden, and the Golden Age
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Epicurean school was a community based on friendship-friendship, considered most important Epicurus' garden, important ethical function-source of pleasure that heals both body and soul Epicurus' system of philosophy-only true philosophy, and community of friends Epicurus, citizen of Athens-but he was always something of an outsider Epicurus, had a hedonistic theory of ethics-arguing that pleasure was the goal of human action Epicurus, philosophy was not worthy of the name-if it had no therapeutic value Epicurus, the garden, and the Golden Age Lucretius, the Roman Epicurean poet of first century BCE-"hence fear of punishments taint the prizes of life" Rivals of the Epicureans, the Stoics ("Men of the Stoa"), from their practice of teaching in Stoa Poikile ("Painted Colonnade") Simple déjeuner sur l'herbe-more pleasurable than banquets in gilded halls
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