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Riain G.;McCarthy T.;Kelly K.;Reddy S.;O'Malley V.
EURONOISE 2006 - The 6th European Conference on Noise Control: Advanced Solutions for Noise Control
Data capture and presentation techniques in support of the eu environmental noise directive
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Arising from the requirements of the EU Environmental Noise Directive (END) (2002/49/EC), an on-going project supported by the Environmental Protection Agency, Ireland, is furthering the development of advanced spatial video and photography capture and integration, along with interactive display of noise maps and spatial imagery. Data gaps have been identified that are to be filled to fully meet the road-related noise modelling and mapping requirements under the Directive. The techniques under development will allow the efficient vehicle- and air-based survey of roadways and the buffer zone, and the extraction of features from the derived ground and aerial imagery. An additional weakness is the lack of dissemination systems to present noise maps and action plans to the public and professional user alike, and that can also integrate the project's spatial and aerial imagery. A demonstration system and procedures for providing web-based public information systems are being developed. It is expected that the approaches once developed and proven through this project, will be of use in efficiently meeting the Directive requirements, and will indeed be applicable in other environments and other application areas.
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