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May R.;Murphy J.;O'Sullivan C.;Gradziel M.;Trappe N.
Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering
Gaussian beam mode analysis of phase gratings
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Gaussian beam modes Phase gratings Quasi-optics Terahertz optics
Gaussian Beam Mode Analysis can be applied as a powerful technique approach in the development of phase gratings for use at terahertz wavelengths, providing a physically intuitive approach relating Fourier and Fresnel diffraction patterns to the scattering of the illumination beam at the grating. Fourier gratings in particular offer the possibility of generating sparse arrays image of a single input beam, useful, for example, in active heterodyne systems with an LO power source. The feasibility of the application of such gratings in real systems was investigated both by simulation and experimental measurements.
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