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Kelly D.;Fitzgerald D.;Foody J.;Kumar D.;Ward T.;Caulfield B.;Markham C.
Proceedings of CGAMES 2006 - 9th International Conference on Computer Games: Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Systems
The e-motion system: Motion capture and movement-based biofeedback game
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Biofeedback Exercise Training Kinematics Motion Capture Orientation Performance feedback Real time motion rendering Sensors
This paper describes the development of a movement based training game aimed at teaching users an exercise program. This is achieved through analysing body posture as the player performs the exercise routine while concurrently receiving real-time feedback from the game. An in-depth post game feedback system also features, giving the player a detailed account of their performance after completing the exercise routine. Analysis of the player's posture is achieved by placing orientation sensors on appropriate parts of the players' body. The game can then read and interpret data from these sensors reconstructing a live 3D model of the players' posture. The game has the kinematic data of an expert performing the current exercise routine stored in memory, which is compared to the kinematic data of the current player and appropriate feedback is given to aid the player in performing the exercise. The theme of the prototype game currently developed is that of a yoga training game (E-Yoga).
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