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Foody J.;Kelly D.;Kumar D.;Fitzgerald D.;Ward T.;Caulfield B.;Markham C.
Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology - Proceedings
A prototype sourceless kinematic-feedback based video game for movement based exercise
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This paper presents a prototype kinematic and audio feedback based video game, availing of a scalable motion capture acquisition system, based around a number of orientation sensors. The orientation sensors used are USB based tri-axis magnetic and gravitational field transducers. The novel video-game is capable of incorporating the real time data from these sensors to control an on screen avatar, which in turn can be programmed to give appropriate instructions to the user i.e. play a sound file, once the user obtains a certain posture. The video game is designed to promote physical exercise and movement based relaxation, in particular; Yoga. In addition, design considerations; implementation and performance of the system are analyzed, discussed and the accuracy qualitatively analyzed by comparing movement data obtained from it to that of a validated motion analysis technique, the CODA motion analysis system. © 2006 IEEE.
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