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Todd S.
2014 November
Re-Imagining Relationships in Education: Ethics, Politics and Practices
Between Body and Spirit: The Liminality of Pedagogical Relationships
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Educational practice James Conroy Liminality Ontological spaces Pedagogical relationships Student Teacher
© 2015 Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain. This chapter outlines a case for why liminality is of educational and not only of pedagogical concern, building on James Conroy's notion of the liminal imagination and his emphasis on the importance of metaphor for calling our attention to the ontological spaces that make up educational practice. It then turns to developing how different metaphors may be mobilised to signify the particularly relational quality of becoming, drawing on Luce Irigaray's work to explore more closely the corporeal and spiritual aspects of becoming in relation. The chapter also presents a more fulsome discussion of the significance of approaching pedagogical relationships in education in this way and what this signifies for the teacher-student encounter in particular. Finally, it argues that exploring the existential dimensions of pedagogical relationships between body and spirit similarly requires a language of in-betweenness, or liminality, that gives full weight to the complex processes of human becoming.
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