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Topi H.;Wright R.;Donnellan B.;Schiano W.;Valacich J.;Venkataraman R.
16th Americas Conference on Information Systems 2010, AMCIS 2010
Future of master's level education in information systems panel presentation
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Computing education Curriculum development Graduate model curriculum IS education
Panels concerning Information System (IS) education issues and curriculum recommendations are part of a rich tradition and they have been well attended at past AIS conferences. This panel hopes to continue build on this foundation by focusing on master's level programs and curricula in IS. Specifically, this panel will: 1) give the members of the audience an opportunity to review state-of-the-art practices in and innovative ideas related to master's level education in IS, 2) start to engage the IS community in the process of revising the graduate level model curriculum and 3) present a number of alternative approaches to master's level graduate programs in IS and to stimulate a discussion that will encourage the audience to consider different options for their programs.
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