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Assem H.;Adel M.;Jennings B.;Malone D.;Dunne J.;O'Sullivan P.
Proceedings of the 2013 IFIP/IEEE International Symposium on Integrated Network Management, IM 2013
A generic algorithm for mid-call audio codec switching
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Audio Codecs Codec Switching E-model VoIP
We present and evaluate an algorithm that performs in-call selection of the most appropriate audio codec given prevailing conditions on the network path between the endpoints of a voice call. We have studied the behaviour of different codecs under varying network conditions, in doing so deriving the impairment factors for non-ITU-T codecs so that the E-model can be used to assess voice call quality for them. Moreover, we have studied the drawbacks of codec switching from the end user perception point of view; our switching algorithm seeks to minimise this impact. We have tested our algorithm on different packages that contain a selection of the most commonly used codecs: G.711, SILK, ILBC, GSM and SPEEX. Our results show that in many typical network scenarios, our switching codecs mid-call algorithm results in better Quality of Experience (QoE) than would have been achieved had the initial codec been used throughout the call. © 2013 IFIP.
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