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Hennelly B.;Maycock J.;Mc Elhinney C.;Naughton T.;McDonald J.;Javidi B.
Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering
Analysis of partially occluded objects encoded in digital holograms using the Wigner distribution function
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Digital holography Scene reconstruction Three-dimensional image processing
In this paper, we analysis the effect of partial occlusions in scenes captured using digital holography. We reconstruct the scene from different perspectives. These reconstructions are then combined, allowing one to overcome foreground occlusions that are obscuring one's view of the scene. The analysis in this paper is carried out with the aid of the Wigner distribution function, allowing us to visualize the energy of the object wavefield and the occluding object wavefield in phase space. We show that by iteratively selecting different views, the original scene can be reconstructed efficiently. This technique would be useful in situations where transmission of the whole digital hologram, or exhaustive reconstruction of every perspective, was not feasible. We provide results using optically captured digital holograms of real-world objects, and simulated occlusions.
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