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Whale M.;Renker M.;Murk A.;Frisk U.;Janson O.;Blecha L.;Paciotti G.;Bell G.;Wylde R.;Murphy A.
23rd International Symposium on Space Terahertz Technology 2012, ISSTT 2012
The STEAMR Instrument: Optical Design, Development & Testing
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The STEAMR instrument is a Swedish national contribution to the ESA PREMIER mission, which is a candidate for the upcoming Earth Core Explorer mission. The STEAMR instrument is envisaged as a multi-beam limb sounding satellite, which will utilise 14 simultaneously observing beams in two 12 GHz wide bands from 323 to 357 GHz. To maximize spatial sampling in the elevation direction the observing beams have an elliptical geometry, which defines the incoming beams as being astigmatic. In this paper we present an antenna optics scheme which corrects for this inherent astigmatism, thereby ensuring optimum imaging of the incoming to the circularly symmetric receiver feed horns. Furthermore, the design, synthesis and electromagnetic verification of a prototype focal plane array for the STEAMR instrument is also reported.
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