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Kleimola J.;Lazzarini V.;Timoney J.;Välimäki V.
Proceedings of the 7th Sound and Music Computing Conference, SMC 2010
Phaseshaping oscillator algorithms for musical sound synthesis
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This paper focuses on phase shaping techniques and their relation to classical abstract synthesis methods. Elementary polynomial and geometric phase shapers, such as those based on the modulo operation and linear transformations, are investigated. They are then applied to the generation of classic and novel oscillator effects by using nested phase shaping compositions. New oscillator algorithms introduced in this paper include single-oscillator hard sync, triangle modulation, efficient super saw simulation, and sinusoidal wave shape modulation effects. The digital waveforms produced with phase shaping techniques are generally discontinuous, which leads to aliasing artifacts. Aliasing can be effectively reduced by modifying samples around each discontinuity using the previously proposed polynomial band limited step function (poly BLEP) method. © 2010 Kleimola, Lazzarini, Timoney, and Välimäki.
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