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Dorran D.;Lawlor R.
IEEE Workshop on Applications of Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics
Time-scale modification of music using a subband approach based on the bark scale
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Filter bank Frequency synchronization Multiple signal classification Partitioning algorithms Psychology Signal processing algorithms Signal resolution Signal synthesis Testing Time domain analysis
© 2003 IEEE. Time-domain time-scaling algorithms are efficient in comparison to their frequency-domain counterparts, but they rely upon the existence of a quasi-periodic signal to produce a high quality output. This requirement makes them unsuitable for use on multi-pitched signals such as polyphonic music. However, time-domain techniques applied on a subband basis can resolve the multi-pitch problem. We propose an improved subband implementation based upon the bark scale for the time-scale modification of music. The new subband approach is supported by psychoacoustic and music theory and subjectively through informal listening tests.
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