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Cahill N.;Cooney R.;Humphreys K.;Lawlor R.
Audio Engineering Society - 121st Convention Papers 2006
Speech source enhancement using a Modified ADRess algorithm for applications in mobile communications
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An approach to refine and adapt an existing music sound source separation algorithm to speech enhancement is presented. The existing algorithm has the capability to extract music sources from stereo recordings using the position of the sources in the stereo field. Described in this paper is the ability of a Modified Azimuth Discrimination and Resynthesis algorithm (M-ADRess) to enhance speech in the presence of noise using a twomicrophone array. Also proposed is a novel extension to the algorithm, which enables further noise removal from speech based on elevation angle of arrival. Promising objective measures of processed speech show the suitability of m-ADRess for cleaning noisy speech mixtures in an anechoic environment.
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