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Palomo-Navarro Á.;Farrell R.;Villing R.
Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing
Combined FRM and GDFT filter bank designs for improved nonuniform DSA channelisation
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Dynamic spectrum access Frequency response masking Generalised discrete Fourier transform modulated filter banks Nonuniform channelisation Uniform channelisation
© 2015 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. Multistandard channelisation for base stations is a big application of generalised discrete Fourier transform modulated filter banks (GDFT-FBs) in digital communications. For technologies such as software-defined radio and cognitive radio, nonuniform channelisers must be used if frequency bands are shared by different standards. However, GDFT-FB-based nonuniform channelisers can suffer from high filter orders when applied to wideband input signals. In this paper, various combinations of GDFT-FB with the frequency response masking technique are proposed and evaluated for both uniform and nonuniform channelisation applications. Results show that the proposed techniques achieve savings in both the number of filter coefficients and the number of operations per input sample.
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