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Maycock J.;Mc Elhinney C.;Hennelly B.;Naughton T.;McDonald J.;Javidi B.
Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering
Reconstruction of partially occluded objects using digital holograms
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Digital holography Scene reconstruction Three-dimensional image processing
We propose a task-specific digital holographic capture system for three-dimensional scenes, which can reduce the amount of data sent from the camera system to the receiver, and can effectively reconstruct partially occluded objects. The system requires knowledge of the object of interest, but it does not require a priori knowledge of either the occlusion, or the distance the object is from the camera. Subwindows of the camera-plane Fresnel field are digitally propagated to reveal different perspectives of the scene, and these are combined to overcome the unknown foreground occlusions. We demonstrate that careful combination of reconstructions from subwindows can reveal features not apparent in a reconstruction from the whole hologram. We provide results using optically captured digital holograms of real-world objects, and simulated occlusions.
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