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Lazzarini V.;Yi S.;Timoney J.;Keller D.;Pimenta M.
ICMC 2012: Non-Cochlear Sound - Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference 2012
The mobile csound platform
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This article discusses the development of the Mobile Csou-nd Platform (MCP), a group of related projects that aim to provide support for sound synthesis and processing under various new environments. Csound is itself an established computer music system, derived from the MUSIC N paradigm, which allows various uses and applications through its Application Programming Interface (API). In the article, we discuss these uses and introduce the three environments under which the MCP is being run. The projects designed for mobile operating systems, iOS and Android, are discussed from a technical point of view, exploring the development of the CsoundObj toolkit, which is built on top of the Csound host API. In addition to these, we also discuss a web deployment solution, which allows for Csound applications on desktop operating systems without prior installation. The article concludes with some notes on future developments.
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