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Kavanagh K.
New insights in medical mycology
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© 2007 Springer. All Rights Reserved. Although the means of diagnosing and treating fungal infections have improved greatly over the last decade fungi still represent a serious threat to the health of immunocompromised and immunodeficient patients. The aim of this book is to give an in-depth assessment of our current understanding of the Biology of the main fungal pathogens and how they interact with the host's immune response. Each chapter focuses on a specific fungal pathogen or group of pathogens, and examines their biology and the factors that allow the fungus to colonize and disseminate within the host. In addition each chapter gives an indication of the challenges that remain to be tackled over the next 5 10 years in increasing our understanding of fungal pathogenicity. The chapters are written by internationally recognized experts and this has ensured that the book provides a highly comprehensive and authoritative a text.
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