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Taher H.;Farrell R.
2015 26th Irish Signals and Systems Conference, ISSC 2015
Unified analysis model for microstrip and coupled lines structures utilizing artificial intelligence techniques
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© 2015 IEEE. Planar structures such as single microstrip Line (SML) and microstrip coupled line (MCL) are basic components in RF circuits and systems. Traditionally, analysis parameters of SML and MCL, an effective permittivity (εeff) and characteristic impedance (Zc), are obtained using piecewise empirical functions. The intervals boundaries depend on the line width to the substrate high ratio (w/h) value. In this paper, Artificial Neural Network (ANN) is used to build unified, fast and accurate model for εeff and Zc of SML and MCL. The built ANN model is validated with the empirical models. Very accurate consolidated model for both of SML and MCL is obtained.