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McLoone S.;Lawlor B.;Meehan A.
IET Conference Publications
On project oriented problem based learning (POPBL) for a first year engineering circuits project
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Peer learning Project-oriented problem based learning Student-centred learning
This paper describes a pilot study on incorporating a Project-Oriented Problem Based Learning (POPBL) educational model into a first year engineering degree programme, in the form of a circuits-based project. While many variations of PBL exist, our pilot model is closely aligned to the Aalborg PBL model. This paper describes how the traditional first year Bachelor of Engineering (BE) programme at the National University of Ireland Maynooth (NUIM) was modified to accommodate the POPBL model. It outlines the key features of the approach taken and presents a detailed evaluation of the pilot study. Both staff and students responded favourably to the adopted learning style. This paper also highlights the lessons learned from the implementation of the POPBL model.
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