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McGeough B.;Donnellan B.
ECIS 2013 - Proceedings of the 21st European Conference on Information Systems
Factors that affect the adoption of cloud computing for an enterprise: A case study of cloud adoption in intel corp.
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Cloud adoption Cloud computing Information and communications technologies and systems Innovation
With so much hype about cloud computing, it's easy to lose sight of why it's such an important trend. Cloud Computing (CC) has the potential to offer enterprise IT management and their employee's tremendous opportunities to solve critical challenges to better serve business. This research explores the current barriers to entries that are preventing wide scale enterprise adoption of Cloud services for critical business services and what is required to overcome such challenges and uses a case study approach to examine the actual adoption of Cloud Computing in Intel Corporation. The results of the study indicates the key factors that IT organisations and business leaders alike across an enterprise will need to consider when making Cloud Computing adoption more pervasive across their enterprise. Intel identified barriers to Cloud Adoption such as (i) the need to work closely with suppliers to commit to a timeline of when they will be in a position to support their applications in the cloud (ii) the presence of redundant configurations that are not fully proven in such highly virtual multi-tenant virtual environments that require load balanced highly available web front ends, and (iii) application security validation which is a big concern for enterprise IT organisation such as Intel in their private cloud, and (iv) having a complete understanding of application workloads and behaviours.
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