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Kenneally J.;Prendergast D.;Maccani G.;Donnellan B.;Helfert M.
Communications in Computer and Information Science
Sustainable connected cities: Vision and blueprint towards managing IT for city prosperity and sustainability
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Cities City Connected Development Innovation Intelligent Management Maturity Smart Sustainability Sustainable Technology
© Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2014. With the continued global trend of rural to urban population migration, traditional city management approaches are being challenged to both develop and sustainably manage the economies, societies and environments of their cities. Many are turning to the application of computing technologies to address these challenges. While computing technologies are becoming ever more advanced, appropriate management approaches and frameworks for a city to optimize contributions from such computing technologies are often lagging behind. This paper presents a vision for sustainable connected cities (SCC), and a nascent city management framework called the Sustainable Connected Cities Capability Maturity FrameworkTM(SCC-CMFTM) - for how to implement such a vision, and a case study application. The contributions of design science research are briefly discussed in relation to these approaches.
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