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Singleton A.;Spielman S.;Brunsdon C.
International Journal of Geographical Information Science
Establishing a framework for Open Geographic Information science
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Geographic Information Science Geographic Information Systems Open Data open source reproducibility
© 2016 The Author(s). Published by Taylor & Francis. When conducting research within a framework of Geographic Information Science (GISc), the scientific validity of this work can be argued as highly dependent upon the extent to which the methods employed are reproducible, and that, in the strictest sense, can only be fully achieved by implementing transparent workflows that utilize both open source software and openly available data. After considering the scientific implications of non-reproducible methods, we provide a review of both open source Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and openly available data, before describing an integrated model for Open GISc. We conclude with a critical review of this embryonic paradigm, with directions for future development in supporting spatial data infrastructure.
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