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McLoughlin S.;Deegan C.;Fitzgerald C.;Markham C.
Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering
Classification of road sign type using mobile stereo vision
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Photometry Road Delineation Road Signage Stereo vision Surface Reflectivity
This paper presents a portable mobile stereo vision system designed for the assessment of road signage and delineation (lines and reflective pavement markers or "cat's eyes"). This novel system allows both geometric and photometric measurements to be made on objects in a scene. Global Positioning System technology provides important location data for any measurements made. Using the system it has been shown that road signs can be classified by nature of their reflectivity. This is achieved by examining the changes in the reflected light intensity with changes in range (facilitated by stereo vision). Signs assessed include those made from retro-reflective materials, those made from diffuse reflective materials and those made from diffuse reflective materials with local illumination. Field-testing results demonstrate the systems ability to classify objects in the scene based on their reflective properties. The paper includes a discussion of a physical model that supports the experimental data.
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