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Mc Elhinney C.;Maycock J.;Naughton T.;McDonald J.;Javidi B.
Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering
Extraction of three-dimensional shape information from a digital hologram
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3D shape measurement Digital holography Scene reconstruction Three-dimensional image processing
We present a technique to convert a digital hologram of a three-dimensional object into a cloud of surface points in a three-dimensional space. Two depth-from-defocus techniques are used to generate a depth map for a particular reconstructed perspective of the object encoded in the digital hologram. The Fresnel transform is used to effect defocus, and a histogram-based approach is used to determine the degree of defocus for each neighborhood of pixels. Our experiments involve simulated and real-world objects (captured using phase-shift digital interferometry). The technique could be used in registration and three-dimensional object recognition applications.
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