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Hammoudi K.;Dornaika F.;Soheilian B.;Vallet B.;McDonald J.;Paparoditis N.
International Workshop on Image Analysis for Multimedia Interactive Services
Recovering quasi-real occlusion-free textures for facade models by exploiting fusion of image and laser street data and image inpainting
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In this paper we present relevant results for the texturing of 3D urban facade models by exploiting the fusion of terrestrial multi-source data acquired by a Mobile Mapping System (MMS) and image inpainting. Current 3D urban facade models are often textured by using images that contain parts of urban objects that belong to the street. These urban objects represent in this case occlusions since they are located between the acquisition system and the facades. We show the potential use of georeferenced images and 3D point clouds that are acquired at street level by the MMS in generating occlusion-free facade textures. We describe a methodology for reconstructing quasi-real textures of facades that are highly occluded by wide frontal objects. © 2012 IEEE.
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