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Collins D.;Keady A.;Szczepkowski G.;Farrell R.
2011 IEEE 9th International New Circuits and Systems Conference, NEWCAS 2011
A 90nm, low power VCO with reduced KVCO and sub-band spacing variation
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In this paper we present the design of a low power VCO with reduced variations in VCO gain (K VCO) and subband spacing resolution (f res). The proposed VCO is designed using a 90nm CMOS process to cover a tuning range of 23%. Variations in K VCO and f res are reduced by factors of 6 and 17 respectively over a conventional sub-banded VCO, designed using the same process, to meet the same tuning range. This makes the proposed VCO more suited to stable PLL operation with its reduced K VCO requirements resulting in an improvement in phase noise performance over the conventional VCO by 2 dB. Due to the reduced loading on the VCO tank achieved by the presented design, power consumption is kept extremely low at 850 μW from a 1 V supply. © 2011 IEEE.
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