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McCusker P.;O'Donnell D.;Fagan H.
Proceedings of the European Conference on e-Government, ECEG
Creating democratic value in the public sphere through e-Participation: Where is this value?
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Conceptualising public value Deliberative democracy Development economics E-Citizens E-Democracy E-Participation
This mainly theoretical paper, with some brief empirical illustrations, addresses the challenge of value creation in the public sphere through eParticipation; such value is largely both intangible and multidimensional. Insights from political, economic, social and socio-technical sciences are needed to more clearly delineate pragmatic conceptualisations of this form of intangible public value. The key question addressed here-where is this value? Theoretically we draw broadly on the development economics of Joseph Stiglitz on the relationship between participation and development and on Jürgen Habermas' massive ouvre on deliberative democracy on the relationship between communicative processes and opinion and will formation in the public sphere.
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