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Audley M.;De Lange G.;Gao J.;Khosropanah P.;Mauskopf P.;Morozov D.;Trappe N.;Doherty S.;Withington S.
Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering
Optical characterization of ultra-sensitive TES bolometers for SAFARI
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cryogenic illuminator far-infrared bolometer optical testing SAFARI Transition Edge Sensor ultra-low background
© 2014 SPIE. We have characterized the optical response of prototype detectors for SAFARI, the far-infrared imaging spectrometer for the SPICA satellite. SAFARI's three bolometer arrays will image a 2'×2' field of view with spectral information over the wavelength range 34-210 Î1/4m. SAFARI requires extremely sensitive detectors (goal NEP ∼ 0.2 aW/âšHz), with correspondingly low saturation powers (∼5 fW), to take advantage of SPICA's cooled optics. We have constructed an ultra-low background optical test facility containing an internal cold black-body illuminator and have recently added an internal hot black-body source and a light-pipe for external illumination. We illustrate the performance of the test facility with results including spectral-response measurements. Based on an improved understanding of the optical throughput of the test facility we find an optical efficiency of 60% for prototype SAFARI detectors.
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