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Savini G.;Juanola-Parramon R.;Stabbins R.;Baccichet N.;Donohoe A.;Murphy A.;O'Sullivan C.
Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering
A thermal spectral-spatial interferometric testbed
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Double Fourier Modulation FIRI IR detectors spatio-spectral interferometry SPECS SPIRIT thermal interferometry thermal spectroscopy WIIT
© 2014 SPIE. We present an ongoing effort to achieve a Double Fourier Modulating (DFM) interferometer in the thermal infrared wavelength range. We describe a testbed designed to combine a sky simulator in the form of a miniaturized complex calibration source at the focus of a parabolic collimator with an interferometer baseline consisting of two parallel telescopes each mounted on a motorized linear stage. The two input arms are combined after one of them is modulated via a fast-scanning piezoelectric roof-top mirror. The optical design and layout of the testbed, the choice of interferometer parameters as well as the calibration scene adopted as source are described.
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