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Mahon R.;Lanigan W.;Murphy J.;Trappe N.;Withington S.;Jellema W.
Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering
Novel techniques for millimeter wave imaging systems operating at 100GHz
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Axicon Bessel beam Diffraction Holography Millimetre-wave imaging
In this paper, we report on our investigations of novel imaging techniques such as holography, the generation of limited diffraction beams with large depths of focus and the use of binary optics for millimeter wave systems. Holography, widely used at visible wavelengths is simulated and tested in a simple optical sep-up at 100 GHz using an off-axis lens-less configuration. Such a technique can be used to measure absorption characteristics of materials, and can also help classify radiating horns and lens antennas. Gaussian Beam Mode Analysis is used as an efficient computational technique to investigate the propagation of non-diffracting beams, and in particular, Bessel beams, at millimeter wavelengths. Because of the limited throughput of millimeter-wave systems, due to the long wavelength and the need for compact optics for practical applications, modal analysis is a very computationally efficient means for computing propagation characteristics. Typically, the axicon, or conical lens, is the most common optical component used for the generation of such zeroth order Bessel beams, but we show that holographic simulation can be used to design binary holograms for the generation of higher order non-diffracting beams. Furthermore, we describe a practical design for such a simple alternative to the axicon through the manufacture of a binary analogue of this component, which successfully produces diffraction invariant beams.
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