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Farsi S.;Dooley J.;Finnerty K.;Schreurs D.;Nauwelaers B.;Farrell R.
PAWR 2013 - Proceedings: 2013 IEEE Topical Conference on Power Amplifiers for Wireless and Radio Applications - 2013 IEEE Radio and Wireless Week, RWW 2013
Behavioral modeling approach for array of amplifiers in active antenna array system
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active antenna arrays behavioural model memory polynomial nonlinear circuits Power amplifiers
Memory polynomial behavioral models are widely used to model nonlinear distortion mechanisms in a single RF power amplifier. However, when a number of power amplifiers are used in parallel, as in the case of active antenna arrays, the total number of parameters will increase significantly. Hence, new strategies are required to model and linearize these systems efficiently. In this paper a novel efficient modeling approach for these array systems is presented and experimentally verified by applying the method to the measured data of an array of amplifiers. The experimental results prove the efficiency of the approach. © 2013 IEEE.
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