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King-O'Riain R.
Sociological Research Online
Enduring or crossing distance for love? Negotiating love and distance in the lives of mixed transnational couples
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Distance Emotion Globalization Love Transnationalism
© 2016, University of Surrey. All rights reserved. Within the field of transnationalism and globalization, studies have tended to focus on the flow of people, ideas and goods (Giddens2003, Beck 2011, Fitzgerald 2008). Within the field of migration this has meant importantly an increasing focus on studies of gender, migration and emotion (Brooks and Simpson 2013; Svasek and Skrbis 2007, Baldassar 2008). However, these studies tend to focus on the context of migration and how that shapes decisions around migration and belonging without focusing on the effect of migration on emotions themselves. Through ethnographic narrative interviews with 36 mixed transnational couples, this article analyses how the emotion of love is understood and practiced within some 'global families' (Beck and Beck-Gernsheim 2014). The article finds that for the mixed intercultural couples interviewed here, distance played a role in defining and confirming love (love at a distance) and was often seen as a reason to migrate or move (crossing distance for love) as a test or proof that love was real. These different cultural meanings of love show how distance could increasingly play a role in how we define and practice love today.
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