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Leung A.;Kaup J.;Bellert D.;McCaffrey J.;Breckenridge W.
Journal of Chemical Physics
Spectroscopic characterization of the weakly bound Ca(4s4dσ 3D3) · Ar[3∑+] state: Evidence for a substantial maximum in the potential curve at long range
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The weakly bound Ca(4s4dσ 3D3) · Ar[3∑+] state has been characterized by means of R2PI (Resonant Two-Photon Ionization) spectroscopy, using transitions from the Ca(4s4p π3P0) · Ar[3II0-] metastable state prepared in a laser-vaporization/supersonic jet source. Because several of the vibrational levels are above the dissociation limit [to Ca(4s4d3D3) + Ar(1S0)], it is concluded that there must be a substantial maximum in the Ca((4s4dσ 3D3) · Ar[3∑+] potential curve (>200 cm-1) at large R (>4.0 Å). This is discussed, and shown to be consistent with our earlier ideas of "penetration" of outerlobes of electron density of metal atom excited states by RG (rare-gas) atoms. Perturbations observed, due to possible potential curve crossings with states of different electronic symmetry, are also discussed. © 1999 American Institute of Physics.
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