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Beere, R., Mc Namara, P. and O’Gorman, C.
Abrakebabra: Growing Pains in a Fast Food Restaurant Chain
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Prize Winning Case Award Winner Teaching Case Entrepreneurial growth Franchising Ireland Food Industry
This case focuses on the start-up and rapid expansion of Abrakebabra, an innovative fast-food restaurant chain started in Dublin, Ireland in 1982. It filled a gap in the market by offering fast food to late night customers who came from local pubs and nightclubs. The firm experienced rapid growth. Lacking capital to exploit these opportunities the brothers began to offer franchise contracts. At its height Abrakebabra had 59 outlets, 11 owned and managed by the founders. By 2003 Abrakebabra was the 2nd largest fast food franchise in Ireland. In 2002 one of the founders sold his share of the business, valuing AbraKebabra at € 7.6 million. The case is about the start-up process, rapid new venture growth that was achieved by franchising, and the managerial and organisational problems that followed a period of rapid growth. The case allows you to discuss (i) the start-up process; (ii) the why and how of new venture growth; and (iii) the managerial and organisational consequences of rapid growth. An accompanying teaching note offers insights into how the case can be employed to explore these issues.
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