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Dodge, M. and Kitchin, R.
The automatic management of drivers and driving spaces.
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In this paper, we examine the development and implementation of new technical systems designed to more eVectively manage and produce driving, drivers and driving spaces. These new systems change the governmentality of automobilities by altering the relationship between driver, vehicle and transport infrastructure and produce new subjects and spaces. They do this principally through the process of automation, creating a system of regulation that we term ‘automated management’. Automated management consists of two interlocking sets of regulatory technologies: automated surveillance that seeks to enforce more eVective (self)disciplining and capture systems that actively reshape activity. We argue that these work together to alter the automobilities landscape creating new sociospatial arrangements with respect to access, movement, flow, and behaviour. Some of these arrangements are benign and empowering to individuals, others enhance the power of state and corporations. We illustrate our argument with examples predominately drawn from the UK, though the technologies we discuss are increasingly being developed and implemented throughout Western countries and beyond.
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