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Andrews, G. and Kitchin, R.
Nursing Inquiry
Geography and nursing: convergence in cyberspace.
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During the last 3 years the interface between geography and nursing has provided fertile ground for research. Not only has a conceptual emphasis on space and place provided nurse researchers with a robust and subtly different way to deconstruct and articulate nursing environments, but also their studies have provided a much needed focus on certain areas of health-care, and in particular clinical practice, not currently prioritized by health geographers. We argue that, as something that is forcing fundamental re-considerations of the nature of both nursing and geography, cyberspace is a particularly important phenomenon that lies comparatively under-researched at this interface. To encourage some interest in researching nursing and cyberspace through a geographical lens, and at least to showcase a range of potentially useful and transportable concepts, we provide an overview of some of the key debates pertaining to cyberspace developed by human geographers, and make some initial and tentative connections to nursing.
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